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H3 V10P PerfectFit LED headlight bulb kit

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H3 V10P PerfectFit LED headlight bulb kit
Exclusive 3 Year Warranty only from SBx Parts
Specially designed to have similar the size and shape of your OEM halogen light bulb for maximum fitment!
The low-profile copper circuit board with the CSP LED chips. This LED configuration creates a look-a-like light output profile as compared with a original halogen filament bulb for an accurate beam pattern.
Fans work great to cool down any LED headlight bulbs, but our Perfect Fit is a unique blend of power and efficiency that does not require any active cooling fan.
Featuring the CSP high-efficiency chips these bulbs create about 2-3 times as much light as your original halogen bulbs with only 1/3 of the power consumption.
IP68 waterproof. Genuine CSP LED chips. Suitable for -40℃ +150℃. Fits 12V to 24V vehicles.
Product updated on 2020-09-17, SBX Parts -  SBX:LED:H3V10P,  H3 V10P PerfectFit LED headlight bulb kit, Operate on 9 to 32 volts, 4000 lumens per bulb, use 12 pcs of CSP chips. Use as a headlight or fog light. Three year warranty.,  ,