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880/881 V10P PerfectFit LED headlight bulb kit

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880/881 V10P PerfectFit LED headlight bulb kit
Exclusive 3 Year Warranty only from SBx Parts
Specially designed to have similar the size and shape of your OEM halogen light bulb for maximum fitment!
The low-profile copper circuit board with the CSP LED chips. This LED configuration creates a look-a-like light output profile as compared with a original halogen filament bulb for an accurate beam pattern.
Fans work great to cool down any LED headlight bulbs, but our Perfect Fit is a unique blend of power and efficiency that does not require any active cooling fan.
Featuring the CSP high-efficiency chips these bulbs create about 2-3 times as much light as your original halogen bulbs with only 1/3 of the power consumption.
IP68 waterproof. Genuine CSP LED chips. Suitable for -40℃ +150℃. Fits 12V to 24V vehicles.
Product updated on 2020-09-17, SBX Parts -  SBX:LED:880V10P,  880/881 V10P PerfectFit LED headlight bulb kit, Operate on 9 to 32 volts, 4000 lumens per bulb, use 12 pcs of CSP chips. Use as a headlight or fog light. Unique connector body allows use in both 880 and 881 sockets. Three year warranty., Installing a set of 12 volt LED bulbs will provide you with more visibility, lower power useage and longer life. All of our 12 volt LED bulbs come with one year warranty and are sold as pairs unless noted differently. Your car or truck will be more visible and safer on the road ,