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Plug and Play resistor harness for H10/9005/9006/9012

uLight Electronic
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LED Installational Accessories
Plug and Play resistor harness for H10/9005/9006/9012
Product updated on 2021-02-04, uLight Electronic -  SBX:LR9005,  Plug and Play resistor harness for H10/9005/9006/9012, An easy plug and play solution for vehicles with bulb out warnings or headlights turning off due to not enough load., One of the advantages of using LED or HID lighting is that they draw less power than incandescent lights. But some vehicles monitor the amount of draw used which can cause an error warning light or other symptoms when the vehicle does not think that there is enough draw. Our Resistors come in a variety of designs to be used in various different circuits to eliminate problems such as signal lights flashing fast, bulb out warnings and headlights flickering or turning off. These resistors can be either plug and play or designed to be hardwired in, depending on the application and style. Please refer to the individual notes.