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H13 Series X9S LED headlight bulb kit, 10,000 Lumens per bulb

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LED Headlight Conversion Kit
H13 Series X9S LED headlight bulb kit, 10,000 Lumens per bulb
Product updated on 2021-02-04, SBX Parts -  SBX:LED:H13X9S,  H13 Series X9S LED headlight bulb kit, 10,000 Lumens per bulb, Our newest release! The X9 series LED headlights offer the same features as the F3 bulbs but have the added benefit of Canbus compatibility meaning they will eliminate most errors caused by Canbus headlight systems on late models vehicles., SBx Parts new LED headlights for 2020. The X9 Xtreme LED series is the brightest LED replacement headlight bulb currently available at 20,000 total lumens per set, (10,000 lumens per bulb) making it 5-7% more stable and brighter than the F3 model. The new X9 uses the latest Version 2 of the CREE G-XP flat LED chips. This means the X9 and X9S offer over twice the brightness than last year’s F2 model, and has a more accurate beam pattern and focus. The X9 is up to 30% brighter than the GT2 and has a more compact design allowing it be used in low-beams, high-beams, and fog lights. The X9 and F3 are the first models to feature Vacuum Liquid Heat Pipe technology combined with a premium dual ball bearing fan for longer bulb life and quieter operation while maintaining optimal brightness. Specifications: Compact size varies by part number. Premium CREE G-XP Version 2 LEDs provide up to 20,000 raw lumens per set, (10,000 lumens per bulb) Flat LEDs with excellent beam pattern and distance. 45W power consumed per bulb at DC9-32 Volts. 6500K Color Temperature. Vacuum Liquid Heat Pipe. Quiet 12,000 RPM dual ball bearing cooling fan 6063 Aviation Aluminum with 0.8mm Copper Core + Heat Pipe Operational Life estimated at 30,000 hours Operational Temp of -40°C +80°C 3 Year Warranty Package Includes: Two X9 (or X9S) Xtreme Super Bright LED Bulbs. Product Manual