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9005 Series F3 LED headlight bulb kit

SBX Parts
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9005 F3 LED headlight bulb kit (also fits H10, 9140, 9145)

10,000 Lumens per bulb,

operate on 9 to 32 volts DC,

Intelligent Temperature Controller,

Draw 2.0A per bulb,

6500K light color,

30,000 hours life expectancy,

45 watts per bulbs

Product updated on 2019-06-19, SBX Parts, SBX:LED:9005F3,  The latest LED Headlight product line is the F3 series which debuted in the spring of 2019. Using 45 watts per bulb and putting out an impressive 10,000 lumens per bulb makes these kits 30 percent brighter than HIDs. They feature an intelligent cooling system with a dual bearing fan for stable performance. One year warranty., 9005 F3 LED headlight bulb kit (also fits H10, 9140, 9145)If you're looking for the brightest LED headlight bulb kits on the market then you need to check our F3 LED Headlight kits. They are rated at 10,000 lumens per bulb which means that some of our competitors will advertise them as 20,000 Lumens (because that is what the kit is rated at) when they finally start selling them in a year or two. Don't be fooled by their sketchy advertising which is aimed at tricking the consumer. LED headlight kits are rated per bulb as an industry standard. The only people that advertise them as a pair are people trying to fool you into thinking their kits are the brightest.