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All in one decoder module for H4 headlights / Pair

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LED / HID Decoder Module

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All in one decoder module for H4 headlights / Pair
Product updated on 2019-12-21, SBx Parts -  SBX:LED:ASLH4,  All in one decoder module for H4 headlights / Pair, Our new decoder modules will cure all your installation problems when installing HID or LED headlights in vehicles with resistance sensing and pulse width modulated headlight systems, The built in Capacitors and resistors will solve problems caused by newer vehicle electronic systems present in Dodge, Ram, Jeep and some import vehicles. They will fix headlight flickering, flashing and going out problems. Easy to install plug and play connector. Eliminate interference and prevent the radio and audio from distortion after the LED headlights are installed. Eliminate computer malfunctions; Plug and play, no wiring required. Applicate for these followings problems: Error warning. The LED head lights flash when starting the engine. LED headlight keep flashing after installation. LED headlight doesn’t work